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I am excited to share with you the first book in the Sentinel Series! If you are searching for magic and adventure look no further. See below for the synopsis. Happy reading!

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Night of the Revel: Sentinel Series 1

Night of the Revel

What would you do if the person that detested you the most was missing, and you were the only one who could save them?

Lily Ambrosino only wants to spend her days getting lost in a book, applying to colleges, and basically living a normal happy life with her family.  One of her wishes comes true when her father gets married and brings home a new stepmother and stepsiblings.  Lily is finally gaining the family she always dreamed of.  Reality, unfortunately, is much harsher.  Turns out her stepsister, Ari, despises the sight of her and rejects every attempt Lily makes at building a relationship.  Soon, Lily can barely tolerate being in the same room with Ari, let alone speaking with her selfish and materialist wicked stepsister.

But when her father and stepmother go on their honeymoon, leaving Lily in charge, Ari gets kidnapped.  Lily has to put aside their history of animosity to bring her stepsister back.  There’s only one problem.  Ari wasn’t kidnapped by a human…

Lily has to rescue her new family.  With a small band of supernatural tricksters, and a darkly handsome and enigmatic shape-shifting fae, Lily must tread into an unknown land to bring back her stepsister before she disappears forever.  Within a labyrinthian forest, both her wits and her heart will be tested.

Though Lily can’t help but wonder: if she finds her stepsister…will Ari even want to be saved?